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Message from the President (Rhoda Miller)
Art Show
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Bed and Breakfast Program
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Juvenile Rights Stressed (Cathy Filson)
Maui League Underway
Hazardous Wastes in Hawaii Discussed

Art Show

The art show of 13 women artists at the AMFAC exhibition room sponsored by the League was a great way to raise funds. It took approximately 100 volunteer hours and $100 of expenses to net $600 profit for the state league. The league has never sponsored an art show before, but after this experience we can't wait to be asked again.

The state board wants to thank all of the volunteers who helped make this event both fun and profitable. A big THANK YOU to all!

Pat Shutt, coordinator and League volunteers: Laura Goo, Claire Gregorcyk, Helen Griffin, Jerry Hess, Tisha Hickson . Fay Hill, Anna Hoover, Romayne Karl, Nancy Marker, Dorothy Marsh, Ruth Park, Andrew, , Carol and Craig Whitesell, Marian Wilkins.

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