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League at the Legislature

From January through April, the most talked about show in town is playing at the State Capitol where Hawaii's legislature is in session. Even tired and jaded League members find it hard to resist the lure of committee hearings and huddles in the hall once the fever is upon them.

As usual, the LWV has mailboxes at the Print Shop, where we receive hearing notices, orders of the day (session agendas), and lists of bills and resolutions by title. Copies of bills and committee reports can be obtained here on request. Action Coordinator Carol Whitesell is a frequent visitor to the Print Shop, but, in general, each program chairperson is keeping track of bills in her own area of interest.

We anticipate legislative action on our new juvenile justice position. In addition, our legislative program includes the following:

Voter Information pamphlets. The LWV strongly supports legislation (HB 1524, SB 1044) authorizing the Lt. Governor to prepare voter information pamphlets to be mailed to every household in the state before each primary and general election. The pamphlets would include information on candidates, ballot issues, and election procedures. Cost for the 1982 election is estimated to be $180,000 (about 30C per pamphlet). The bill has been heard in the House and Senate Judiciary committees, and drew strong support. The next hurdle will be approval by the House Finance Committee and the Senate Ways & Means Committee, which is expected to be more difficult.

Limitation on Bills. The League is participating in an effort spearheaded by the Legislative Concerns Committee of the Hawaii Council of Churches to bring about reduction in the excessive number of bills and resolutions -- many of them duplicative and clearly not feasible -- which are introduced during each session. The 10th Legislature (1979-80) introduced 6,200 bills and 2,769 resolutions. Hawaii has bill introductions on par with much more populous states such as California and Illinois. As a first step, we are supporting three resolutions which call for interim legislative committees to study the problem, see how other states handle it, and recommend appropriate action. The resolutions are: SR 41 and SCR 23 introduced by Senator Steve Cobb; and SR 20, introduced by Senator Ralph Ajifu. The latter refers only to congratulatory resolutions. All three resolutions have been referred to the Committee on Legislative Management, chaired by Senator Patsy Young. Hearings have not yet been scheduled.

Marion Wilkins has been testifying for the League on campaign spending, and in support of an initiative provision to the state constitution. Marion is the League's representative on the Initiative Task Force organized by Common Cause/Hawaii. Anna Hoover's Natural Resources Committee is monitoring bills relating to water controls, hazardous waste, and air quality (see accompanying article). The State Board has given the Honolulu League permission to address housing legislation in accordance with the national human resources position.

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