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Election 2016 Results
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Hawaiʻi Constitution

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Aloha Voter
Feb-Mar 2017

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Hawaiʻi County Voter
Fall 2017

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Hawaiʻi County Voter
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Ka Leo Hana
October 2014
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LWV-Hawaii "Time Machine"

over 750 issues on line!

LWV-Hawaii Newsletter Archives

Via our online archives, you can trace League and Hawaiʻi history back 60 years into the past through Hawaiʻi League newsletters... (indexed by title, author, topic and Search)

Hawaiʻi Leaguers
Photos from the Archives

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The First Hawaiʻi League of Women Voters: 1922


The League of Women Voters works at local, state and national levels to educate policy makers and the public on pressing issues, and takes concerted action to achieve positive change in our communities.


The League of Women Voters of Hawaii is the statewide organization that encompasses the Leagues of Honolulu and Hawaiʻi County (Big Island)

Voting by Mail

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Election Results

Election - 2016

Interactive app from the Hawaiʻi State Office of Information Management & Technology:

Your 2016 Hawaiʻi State Senate

Your 2016 Hawaiʻi State House

League on ʻŌlelo

Making Democracy Work
Honolulu League TV Show Online

You can watch over 3 years of League's television programs, "Making Democracy Work", online at ʻŌlelo by clicking here.

(You can also get to this page from the ʻŌlelo home page by clicking "OleloNet Video on Demand" under "What's On" at the top menu, and entering "Making Democracy Work" in the search box.)

Primary Election 2016
Colin Moore of UH is the guest

To view the most recent programs, click these links:

The program is aired on channel 53 the third Tuesday of the month at 7 pm and repeated the following 4 Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.

Pearl Johnson
Executive Producer

With annotation and index
Hawaiʻi State Constitution
(includes Nov. 2006 election changes)

Mary Anne Raywid:
On education...

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu can help you with your elections.

We are experienced in conducting union elections, condominium board elections, credit union elections, elections of organizations of every kind.

Call our office at 531-7448
or email elections@lwv-hawaii.com
for information.

League of Women Voters
of Honolulu
Education Fund

Added in August
to our online document archives:

City Charter / City Reorganization Documents - 1998

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