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Action Alert Sounded

The Clean Air Act is due for revision this year, and there may be a vote this fall. The National LWV has sent out an ACTION ALERT because there is a great need for letters supporting a strong Clean Air Act. The Reagan administration and many industrial lobbyists have persuasive arguments for gutting the Clean Air Act. Congress is not receiving much support for a strong act in order to oppose the negative lobbying.

In Waikiki and other high traffic areas in Hawaii, clean air standards for pollutants from cars are exceeded during busy periods. The state has no effective way to reduce car emissions. It is the intent of the current Clean Air Act that reduction of emissions will follow as car manufacturers are required to make cleaner cars. But the car manufacturers are lobbying to further postpone the date on which stricter standards go into effect.

Furthermore, if certain principles recently announced by the Administration are followed in changing the Clean Air Act, then cars would be permitted to emit more pollutants than currently allowed.

A message to our Congressmen is needed to let them know that even in clean Hawaii we want a strong Clean Air Act.

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