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Population - A Problem Everywhere

East-West Center Senior Fellow Griffith Feeney and Yuan Jianhua of the Beijing Institute of Information and Control, writing in the July-September 1994 Observer reported on a survey done in 1992 in which population may have been underreported. "Near or below replacement level fertility has a number of implications for the economy and society in China. . . Fertility decline has the immediate effect of reducing the proportion of young people in a population and raising the proportion of older people ... they could be looking at an imbalance of old people that is unprecedented," said Feeney.

The two authors noted that concern about population aging in China is not new and that China's recent success in reducing fertility only exacerbates the problem. Japan, too, has this situation although the resources found there will mitigate some of the social support problems.

Editor's comment: This situation may seem "safe" being "over there," but population trends in the United States indicate that these same issues will be increasingly important for U.S. citizens.

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