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President's Message

Election season is in full swing. Many of us are involved in different ways to make the difference. I hear so many negative comments regarding the political system in Hawaii from so many people; it makes me wonder why more people aren't involved in politics to try to improve it. All league members should be involved somewhere. Every contest is important; democracy is not a spectator sport. Everyone must participate.

Cira DeCastillo and I are chairing the Voter Service Committee. We have placed our emphasis on education.

The two major areas of concern are: (1) Board of education candidates-there are 19 candidates running for the three positions on the board. Traditionally the candidates have not been able to get themselves known to the voters so that voters can make a wise decision. We want to help the candidates become better known. We are in the process of contacting all "at large" candidates on Oahu to gather necessary information to introduce them to the public. Both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin have indicated interest in pursuing the issue. ( 2) Constitutional amendments-there will be two constitutional amendments on the election ballots. (See Board Highlights for the wording.)

We want the pros and cons of the issues discussed to educate the voters. On October 7, 1994, Hawaii Public Television (KHET) will be airing the constitutional questions and talking with the candidates for the board of education who have made it through the primary election.

Members are encouraged to join our voter service projects. Do call.

And following elections our nominating committee will welcome your input also as we work on preparations for LWVHI convention scheduled for May 20, 1995.

Jim Koshi

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