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Local League News - Honolulu

We have just purchased an iMac computer for the office, and it is set to receive e-mail. The e-mail address is voters@flex.corn.

The League's suit against the city has been filed with our new attorneys, Bickerton, Saunders, Dand & Bouslog. This will not be pro bono, but we do have some free help. Nonetheless, we expect the costs to exceed $20,000, and we are appealing to all friends to help. The city has also filed a suit against us for their attorney fees ($25,000) for our previous "frivolous" suit. This is before the courts now. It is an obvious attempt to intimidate those who dare to question the actions of our government officials.

We had an environmental success. We, along with many other groups in Oahu succeeded in delaying Hawaiian Electric Company from erecting their 138kV lines over Waahila ridge - a conservation area. The State claimed HECO ignored the existence of rare trees on the ridge, and that it did not submit a correctly completed environmental impact statement. We continue to be concerned about other environmental issues such as the pollution of the Ala Wai Canal.

The Planning and Zoning Committee continues to work on the bill that would streamline the land use ordinance. In particular, we are concerned about a threat to the provision of adequate time for public input. Light rail is again a threat to the city and we are working for an improved rapid transit bus system which would be more effective and less costly.

Our yearly Membership Planning Meeting was held on December 12 with Jackie Young of Protect Our Constitution (POC) as our luncheon speaker. She assessed the campaigns of both camps on the amendment giving the legislature the power to restrict marriage to heterosexual couples, and made suggestions for future action.

Grace Furukawa
President LWV/Honolulu

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