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Council '99


June 12 -14, 1999
Marriott Metro Center Hotel
775 12th St. NW Washington D. C.

Council to be composed of

  • 2 delegates chosen by the board of each state League
  • 2 delegates chosen by LWV of the District of Columbia
  • the members of the national board

Purposes of Council

  • give guidance to the national board on program and methods of work
  • adopt a budget
  • transact such other business as shall be presented by the national board

*States may send 2 voting delegates and an unlimited number of members to participate

Aside from business plenary sessions, there will be workshops - media training, discussions with issue experts on various topics like Get Out the Vote Campaigns, citizen participation, membership, fundraising, campaign finance reform, etc.

If any one will be near Washington D. C. on June 12-14 and wish to attend, please call the office.

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