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League Local News - Kauai

Kauai League has taken a stand on Comprehensive Zoning Ordinances (CZO). Members should be informed that Kauai League has taken action on a serious issue of public input. The County Planning Department has been informed that they are not following CZO Section 8-19.6 Class IV zoning permit requests in the proper manner.

Kauai Electric is an applicant who wishes to build a 120 to 150 MW power plant near Lihue, The Planning Director issued a report with conditions on September 7 and released this report to the public. Two days later the Planning Commission voted on the permits without properly following the CZO, which clearly states at least one public hearing must be held after this report is issued.

The lack of the required public hearing caused LWVKC to request an explanation. On September 20, League president, Carol Bain, telephoned County Atty. Amy Esaki and the author of the report, Barbara Pendragon, asking why the procedures were not followed. There has been no satisfactory reason given for not following the CZO.

Brian Schatz, State Representative, and Executive Director of the Hawaii Elections Project, is going to be on Kauai Nov. 3rd and Nov 4th to talk about campaign finance reform. He says "this is the reform that makes all other reforms possible." People are not currently aware that this reform will fundamentally change the system to make it more fair, more democratic, and more inclusive. Not only that, but real reform has been passed in four states on the mainland.

Carol Bain

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