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Next Millennium Conference: Ending Domestic Violence (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
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League Local News - Hawaii County

Hawaii County League is preparing a "Voter Information Pamphlet" for distribution to all voters prior to the Year 2000 elections. Each candidate has been assigned a League member to be the personal contact as candidates fill out the Candidate Questionnaire. League has requested that the county cover printing and mailing costs and League will do the research and provide the information.

On October 16, Hawaii County League, including both East and West sides, met in Waimea and attended the County Charter Review Commission workshop. League made a presentation on the issues of 1] Non-partisan elections for Mayor and Council 2] Neighborhood Boards, and 3] Voting-by-Mail. Members also gave responses as individuals to various issues including term limits and redistricting.

Hawaii County League's membership continues to grow because they are addressing these issues and more.

Members are interested in the issue of having separate counties. League has checked with the Attorney General's office and has learned that this issue requires enabling legislation from both the House and Senate and is therefore not a county issue.

Virginia Isbell

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