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Bills to Create a Safer Hawaii

League meets monthly with the Hawaii Firearms Control Coalition. This year's bills to tighten Hawaii gun laws are:

1. Proof of Registration for Ammunition Purchase

This bill (H.B. No 290/ SB 181) prevents persons who possess guns illegally from buying ammunition through the legal market. The bill requires that purchasers of ammunition show proof that they are the registered owner of the firearm for which the ammunition is being purchased.


  • Purchasing ammunition in Hawaii is easier than cashing a check.

  • Individuals who purchase ammunition do not need to show I.D. or go through any screening process.

  • Showing proof of registration for ammunition purchases provides another safeguard to keep criminals from using illegal guns.

Individuals who do not legally own guns should not be allowed to legally purchase ammunition. The small inconvenience to legal gun owners of showing proof of registration to purchase ammunition is a small price to pay to prevent illegal gun owners from purchasing ammunition legally.

2. Safe Storage of Firearms

This bill (H.B. No 291/ S13182) protects the health and safety of the public by reducing the number of firearms stolen from legal gun owners that ultimately end up in the illegal market. The bill: a) requires gun owners to secure their guns from all other parties, not just minors; b) requires all firearms be securely locked in a gun safe or gun rack that cannot be readily removed from the premises; c) requires applicants for a gun permit to sign an affidavit to certify that they possess a secure storage facility; and d) imposes penalties for noncompliance.


  • From 1993 through 1997, 303 people were killed with guns in Hawaii, or an average of 1 gun death every 6 days.

  • Gun deaths are the third leading cause of injury death in Hawaii.

  • Unsecured guns are a primary target for theft.

  • Studies show that up to half of all gun owners do not keep their guns locked up.

  • On average, about one gun is reported stolen each day on Oahu

  • Many of the guns used in crimes are stolen from legal gun owners.

  • Unsecured guns increase the risk to the community at large.

Having applicants certify that they possess proper storage facilities, and the imposition of penalties and absolute liability, encourages gun owners to be responsible and lock their guns in proper storage facilities to prevent theft.
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