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Making Democracy Work: Campaign Finance Reform

Two More States Adopt Clean Elections

Great campaign finance reform news from the `98 elections on the mainland! Massachusetts and Arizona both passed ballot initiatives for Clean Elections (a voluntary full public financing alternative that also increases disclosure and improves enforcement). This means that four states (including main and Vermont) have now passed this reform into law and helps pave the way for additional states (Hawai'i in 2000!) and also Congress. Our efforts towards Clean Money Campaign Reform is still moving forward and the League continue its good work with the reform's local coalition, Hawai'i Clean Elections (HI.CLEAN). Kaua'i League has now joined the coalition's effort, and Carol Bain kicked off their effort by getting good media coverage in the Lihue newspaper, Kauai Times, with her very informative column about clean elections.

Three members of HI.CLEAN's leadership group will attend a national conference for Clean elections activists on December 11-13, in St. Louis, Missouri. Attending for Hawaii will be myself, along with our research and database director Devin Nordberg, and newly elected State House Rep. Brian Schatz who originally represented Sierra Club in the HI. CLEAN coalition and who subsequently featured Clean Elections reform in his successful campaign platform. Great to know we have such supportive elected allies!

By now, all State League members should have received HI.CLEAN's inaugural October newsletter (cover: "The Color of Money") which encapsulated the basics of the Clean Elections reform and was also full of reform news and facts. The newsletter was also mailed to nearly 9,000 Hawai'i citizens in community leadership positions, including all elected officials, over one thousand government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and members of the media, O'ahu neighborhoods boards, Common Cause, Sierra Club, and the Green party. Look for the next HI.CLEAN newsletter in January.

When you're done with your copy of the HI.CLEAN newsletter, please pass it on to a neighbor and talk it up: this reform will only pass when enough Hawaii citizens understand it and demand it. Nothing else has worked to reduce big money's control of our elections so we each have to commit to the effort or we face losing the most fundamental principle of our democracy: "one person, one vote" political equality. In the newsletter are ten easy-to-use suggestions for how YOU can get involved in this issue at home.

HI.CLEAN and the League are gearing up for the next legislative session with bills to support the 2002 Clean Elections pilot program, close loopholes, facilitate enforcement, and increase disclosure. Be sure to check out the Legislature's new computer system via the Internet. We are also continuing our campaign research and computerization of the candidate's disclosure records and will share those finding soon.

Keep pressing forward, all! We have a ways to go, but with enough active civic participation, especially by Leaguers, we can make democracy work!

Toni Worst, Chair
Making Democracy Work
HI.CLEAN President

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