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League Local News - Hawaii County

The Hawaii County Charter Commission will be appointed soon, and the Hawaii County League hopes to submit some names of Leaguers to be considered for appointment. League is in the process of identifying issues of interest to them and plan to testify as well as monitor the Commission meetings, according to Helene Hale, co-president of Hawaii Country League.

The debate on the controversial irradiation facility ballot issue sponsored by League in Waimea on October 31 was very informative and lively.

Both the Hilo and Kona units participated in the State Elections Office's Wiki Wiki Drive-Thru Voter Registration Program for both the Primary and General Elections and earned some needed dollars.

"Many of them were first-time voters, never having bothered to vote before, but they were very much interested in this election. Whether it was the candidates or the ballot issues or a combination of both, it was good to hear the enthusiasm about voting," said Marian Wilkins, Co-President of the Kona unit.

Hilo Unit

The Hilo Unit sponsored a forum for the candidates for the 2nd Senatorial

District. This was a live board-case with opportunity for call-in questions. An attempt to include candidates for the 1st Senatorial District failed because of too many conflicts with the candidates' schedules.

Kona Unit

In September, the Kona Unit together with the AAUW put on a forum for candidates running for the State House and Senate from the districts in the Kona area. There was a 100% participation by candidates. The video tape of the forum was edited to one hour and shown on "Ka Leo", the local Television Access station.

Wilkins reported the completion of two vote counts in October.

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