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President's Message (Jean Aoki)
State Council to be Held on Kauai
Making Democracy Work: Hawaii Clean Elections Activities (Toni Worst)
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Kido Selected as Rotary Ambassador to Germany
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Meet Your Board
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Meet Your Board

Suzanne Meisenzahl has been a leaguer since 1983 and is currently a member of both the Honolulu and state boards and a co-editor of Ka Leo 0 Hana. As founder and chair of the League's Violence Prevention Committee, she initiated the Domestic Violence Court Monitoring Project which started in Honolulu and is now being undertaken on other islands. She has also coordinated four Violence Against Women Forums. In her spare time, Suzanne can be found at work in her company, Connoisseur Holidays Unlimited.

Jackie Parnell, like Suzanne, is also a member of both the Honolulu and state boards and a co-editor of Ka Leo O Hana. But she is a lot older than Suzanne and has been a member of one league or another for over forty years. Jackie also serves as treasurer for the state board. She is an owner (the "P") of KRP Information Services, where she prepares land use plans and environmental documents for public agencies and private firms.

Marian Wilkins, co-president of the Hawaii County League and its Kona unit, is another veteran leaguer with almost thirty years of service. She has chaired or served on various study committees including Initiative and Referendum, Campaign Finance, and Unicameral Government, and has also served on the Honolulu and state boards in various capacities. She was a member of the State Campaign Spending Commission in its early years.

Susan Wilson, president of the Kauai Board, has long been involved in community activities, having chaired and organized, among others, Concerned Citizens to Save Anini and the Princeville Community Association. Susan is past executive director of Kauai Foodbank and owner of Ironwood Realty and Interiors.

Patricia Card, secretary of LWVHI, joined the Honolulu League in 1988, coming aboard as the sound engineer for The League of Women Voters Presents, a cable TV interview program on current issues. She has worked on Honolulu initiatives on rapid transit and the convention center, and has previously served as a state board member. Patricia is currently an assistant professor at Chaminade University where she prepares international students for participation in academic programs and is a consultant for the education department.

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