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Local League News - Kauai

The remarkable thing about Kauai League is its verve. Like organizations usually anticipate a period of suspended animation during the onslaught of Thanksgiving and Christmas-not so on Kauai. Instead we roared ahead and sponsored a gambling forum, urged all significant parties to fully participate in the internationally broadcast Pacific Missile Range expansion forum, held a well attended and lively program planning meeting, and picked up three new members.

Thanks to the efforts of Jackie Kido and Jenny Yukimura, Tom Grey, executive director of the National Coalition Against Gambling, took part in a pro-con debate attended by almost fifty people. Audience questions were challenging and provocative. And the forum was given front page, headline coverage by the Garden Island newspaper.

Right after Christmas, on Dec. 30, came a forum on expansion plans for the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF). League's stand was that early information dissemination on a project of this sort is very helpful to all involved. We wrote PMRF urging their participation in the debate. Despite our efforts, PMRF declined participation.

To round off the quarter, we held our annual planning meeting on January 23. Twenty members attended. It was a great meeting with topical debate going on for several stimulating hours. State and local level issues were prioritized. Issues chosen for emphasis on the state level were: quality public education, efforts to encourage diversified agriculture, and campaign finance reform. Issues for emphasis on the local level were: Kauai General Plan update, efforts towards diversified agriculture, economic diversification, and public transportation.

The next big event is hosting League's state council meeting in May. Hope all will come. It is bound to be lively, educational, and fun.

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