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President's Message (Jean Aoki)
State Council to be Held on Kauai
Making Democracy Work: Hawaii Clean Elections Activities (Toni Worst)
Legislative Action
Electronic Notification of Batterer's Release (Suzanne Meisenzahl)
In Memoriam: Mary George
State Board Actions
LWV-Hawaii Proposed Budget 1998-1999
Local League News - Hawaii County
Local League News - Honolulu
Local League News - Kauai
Kido Selected as Rotary Ambassador to Germany
Coalition Update
Judicial Council Seeking Panelists
Job Opportunities Available (Marian Wilkins)
Meet Your Board
Legislative Hearing Notices Available on Internet

Job Opportunities Available

Workers now needed to work on interesting "NOW" project. What is it, you ask. Well it's the VOTE-BY-MAIL study, People are needed to do some reading, note taking, thinking, and some reporting to the chairperson. The topic is one that most likely will be talked about by the legislature because the It. governor's office is considering it. The league has a lot of good information from various sources and we will be gathering more to present to our members. We want to be informed and involved when decisions are made on how we should vote. If you are a new member and would like to get acquainted with how League functions, a study committee is a great place to start. Please contact Marian Wilkins at 325-6116. That's in Kailua-Kona, but don't let a little water or long-distance stop you.

Marian Wilkins

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