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Volunteers Needed

Our Protect Our Constitution (POC) Coalition is in real need of volunteers to carry out the campaign to convince voters to vote "no" on both the call for a convention and the constitutional amendment to our Bill of Rights.

Volunteers are needed for

  1. Phone Surveys at POC Headquarters, 870 Kapahulu Avenue, #110

    A few of us have gone to work the phones a few times. It is relatively easy work with prepared scripts, and we have encountered little, if any, unpleasantness. The office can accommodate 15 phoners at one time. If enough of you will call the League office to volunteer, we could organize a few League Nights at the POC.

  2. Neighbor to neighbor Program

    A neighbor to neighbor leader walks his or her neighborhood and talks with "swing voters" - voters that have been identified as undecided, but will vote our way if they have a face-to-face contact with a neighbor.

  3. House Parties

    House parties are the primary fundraising tool for the POC campaign. POC provides a dynamic speaker such as Jackie Young or the Nakatanis, and the host calls together 49 of their fiends with the goal of raising $25.00 from each of them.

  4. Special Events

    POC has begun to create a presence at events, outdoor festivals, etc. We need volunteers to staff tables or walk through the events distributing literature. We also need you to tell us about upcoming events so we know about them.

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