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Position on Domestic Violence
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State Board Actions

  1. Agreed to waive State PMP for student members. (National League rebates $10.00 of the $19.00 PMP for each student member.)

  2. Asked that a meeting be held for interested Leaguers to discuss State League's position on land use.

  3. Accepted Patricia Card's resignation as Secretary. Patricia is now working in the State Auditor's office and was requested by that office to step down from the Board because of possible conflicts of interest.

  4. Approved a request by the International Relations Committee chaired by Helene Hale to apply for the use of up to $3,500 in LWVHI's account in the LWV Education Fund for use on a Model United Nations Project, with the understanding that more funds will be raised from the community. The Hawaii County League has pledged $900 for the project.

  5. Approved position on Domestic Violence with a few amendments.

  6. Approved Marian Wilkin's appointment to the Nominations Committee. Those elected to this committee at the 1997 Convention are Luree Hays, Jacqueline Kido and Astrid Monson.

  7. The next two Board meetings were scheduled for 11/21/98 and 2/20/99.

  8. The State Convention was scheduled for May 22, 1999 in Honolulu.

  9. Jackie Parnell and Suzanne Meisenzahl were appointed to co-chair a committee to plan a celebration/fundraiser of the 50th anniversary of the formation of The League of Women Voters in Hawaii in 1999.

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