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Hoover on Advisory Committee

Anna Hoover will be representing League on the statewide Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

The Office of Solid Waste Management (OSWM) has released a Request for Proposals for a revision of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for the State of Hawaii.

Members of the Advisory Committee will review and comment upon drafts of the Revision, and ensure that the Revision reflects the concerns of State and County agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and citizen groups.

Anna Hoover, a longtime League member, once served as chair of a very active Natural Resources Committee in the 1980's. Among its activities, the committee produced the videotape, "Slowly Dying Embers", and a publication, "Nuclear Waste and the Pacific", both of which enjoyed nationwide distribution. This committee successfully opposed a controversial proposal to grant Hawaiian Electric Company the right to burn higher sulfur fuel at its Kahe plant.

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