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League Local News - Hawaii County

Hawaii County residents will be voting on an amendment to รข county code which, if approved, would prohibit the building of an irradiation facility on the island which is being supported by farmers as another method of killing fruit flies in island produce destined for export to the mainland and other countries.

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii County is planning a forum on this issue to be held on October 31 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Thelma Parker Library Conference Room in Waimea.

Speaking for the amendment, which was put on the ballot through the initiative process, will be Dr, Mark Kohen, organizer of Citizens Against Irradiation. Speaking against the amendment will be Richard Nelson of Friends of Agriculture of Hawaii. The forum will be moderated by Leaguer George Wilkins, a nuclear Physicist.


The Hilo unit had a meeting featuring David Frankel of the Sierra Club and author of Protecting Paradise.

Among our voter service activities, we had planned a public forum on September 2 for the 2"d Senatorial District candidates on Public Access Television in cooperation with the Political Science Department of UHH. UHH students will be

asking questions, and viewers will be able to call in questions during the hour. The program will also be broadcast over Radio Station KIPA.

We tried to set up a Gubernatorial forum for the General Election co-sponsored by AAUW and the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce, but the Governor cannot come, so it was cancelled.

We did a Voter Drive-in Registration for the State Elections Office on August 19 and 20 in cooperation with AAUW.

We are planning to sponsor a Model United Nations Project for high school students at the UHH campus next year. The Hawaii County League Board has agreed to pledge up to $900 for the project, and with the approval of State Board, we will be applying for a grant of up to $3500 from the LWVHI account in the LWV Education Fund.

On Oct. 23, we are having Attorney General Margery Bronster, State UN Day chair, as a speaker in cooperation with the International Students Organization and the Hawaii Island Chapter UNA/USA.

Helene Hale


The Kona Unit of League and the Kona branch of AAUW co-sponsored a Candidates Forum on September 9th, for candidates running for the 5th and 6th State House districts and the 1st Senatorial district. It was held at the Old Airport State Park Events Pavilion. Plans are for local public access TV channel to show a one-hour edited version for several evenings after the event.

The Kona Unit and AAUW registered nearly 350 voters during the Wiki Wiki registration drive. Marian Wilkins coordinated the August drive and Susan Dursin will coordinate the October drive.

Marian Wilkins

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