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Position on Domestic Violence
President's Message (Jean Aoki)
LWV US Lobby Request
State Board Actions
Education Committee Report (Mary Anne Raywid)
In Memory of Marion Saunders 1908-1998
Vote by Mail Study (Marian Wilkins)
BOE Voter's Guide
Con Con Pamphlet
Volunteers Needed
Hoover on Advisory Committee
League Local News - Hawaii County
League Local News - Honolulu
League Local News - Kauai County (Carol Bain)

BOE Voter's Guide

A Voter's Guide for Board of Education candidates has been prepared by our Education Committee. Each of the 23 candidates was sent 5 questions to answer. There were 20 respondents.

While this notice may be too late for the Primary Election, the guide will be useful for the General Election.

It may be accessed on League's Web Page, Hard copies have been distributed to Oahu public libraries by Honolulu League since 5 of the 6 open seats are Oahu seats.

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