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President's Message (Jean Aoki)
Bonnie Campbell Keynotes Violence Against Women Forum
State League Convention
Should We Mandate Expenditure Limits? (Robert Y. Watada)
Making Democracy Work
Open Government Coalition (Eve S. Anderson)
E-mail v. Public Officials and the Sunshine Law
United Nations DPI/NGO Conference
Voting Requirements for a Constitutional Convention
Local League News - Hawaii County
Local League News - Honolulu
Local League News - Kauai
State Board Action
Get the Lowdown on the Legislature (Richard Borreca)
LWV of Kauai Wins Award
Fourth Annual Violence Against Women Luncheon Forum
Council '97

State League Convention

Honolulu League president Grace Furukawa poses a question during the discussion following a presentation on campaign spending limits. In the foreground are Kauai League co-presidents Susan Wilson (left) and Diana Stevenson (right).

Outgoing president Jacqueline Kido addresses convention delegates and guests.

The State League Convention was held on May 31, 1997 in the East Room of the Pagoda Hotel, presided by President Jacqueline Kido.

Newly and continuing elected officers and directors, the presidents of the local leagues, and appointed directors are as follows: Jean Y. Aoki, president; Toni Worst, vice-president; Patricia Ann Card, secretary; Jacqueline Parnell, treasurer; Helene Hale, president, Hawaii; Grace Furukawa, president, Honolulu; Susan Wilson, president, Kauai; Jacqueline Kido; Suzanne Meisenzahl, Marion Saunders, Marian Wilkins, and Arlene Kim Ellis.

1997-99 Program

The convention approved:

  • a two-year study of vote-bymail;

  • a review of League's current position on public financing to consider the inclusion of direct public financing;

  • the development of a state position on social policy based on national league's position;

  • change of the name of the Human Resources Committee to the Violence Prevention Committee; and

  • the addition of "elementary schools" to the position statement on the "principle of choice" in public schools. It previously addressed only "secondary schools."

With these additions and amendments, the existing state program was adopted for continuing action. An amended 1997-98 budget of $11,000 was approved by the Convention. A few copies of the convention booklet are in our library and maybe borrowed by our members.

Luncheon Speaker

Governor Cayetano had been scheduled as our luncheon speaker, but his marriage and the wedding reception scheduled for that day resulted in cancellation of his appearance at our convention.

Robert Y. Watada, the executive director of the State of Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission, graciously agreed to appear in his place. Mr. Watada was peppered with questions after his brief presentation. (See separate article, "Should We Mandate Expenditure Limits?" for the text of Mr. Watada's speech.)

LWV director Arlene Kim Ellis with guest speaker Robert Y. Watada, executive director of the Campaign Spending Commission

Helene Hale, co-president, Hawaii County League (Hilo), and state senator and league member Les Ihara

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