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President's Message (Jean Aoki)
Bonnie Campbell Keynotes Violence Against Women Forum
State League Convention
Should We Mandate Expenditure Limits? (Robert Y. Watada)
Making Democracy Work
Open Government Coalition (Eve S. Anderson)
E-mail v. Public Officials and the Sunshine Law
United Nations DPI/NGO Conference
Voting Requirements for a Constitutional Convention
Local League News - Hawaii County
Local League News - Honolulu
Local League News - Kauai
State Board Action
Get the Lowdown on the Legislature (Richard Borreca)
LWV of Kauai Wins Award
Fourth Annual Violence Against Women Luncheon Forum
Council '97

Local League News - Kauai

Kauai is proud of its accomplishments. Their ideas and accomplishments have been recognized by all forms of local media. In fact, the newspaper often gives Kauai League stories front page banner headlines. Whenever appropriate, they have their meetings professionally videotaped and close-captioned to be shown on public access TV. Over the past year, they have:

  • Provided election print and video candidate guides

  • Hosted a candidate interview radio program, "To the Point"

  • Manned drive-in voter registration sites

  • Covered election exit-polling for national news service

  • Proposed a charter amendment establishing a Parks Department

  • Won a grant to hold a "Power the Vote" town meeting

  • Established League student memberships

  • Increased new membership by 24 percent

  • Monitored state teachers union strike vote

Annual meeting. Kauai League's annual meeting, entitled "Civil Liberties and the Internet," was held May 17 and attracted about sixty people (half from the general public). It was shown on local TV during July.

National Award. During this June's LWVUS Annual Council held in Washington D.C., U.S. Representative Patsy Mink personally accepted LWV of Kauai's Disabilities Partnership Award [see separate story].

Hawaii's first lady, Vicky Cayetano, with Kauai Leaguers, July 1997

Meeting with Vicky Cayetano. In July, thirty league members were among a select group of 120 women invited to meet and have lunch with the Honorable Vicky Cayetano.

Future projects. Coming up are more new projects including: public testimonies on vital Kauai issues (such as commenting on recent poorly handled public "scoping" meetings regarding PMRF base expansion); an August workshop on "How to effectively participate in the legislative process"; analyzing state league's gambling study; manning voter registration booths in local high schools; and participating in the General Plan update.

Power the Vote Town Hall Meeting
Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall, Lihue, Kauai
October 1996

Facilitator Peter Adler

Kauai community members expressed their views on "good" and "bad" government...

...then brainstormed for solutions

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