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State Board Actions

At its October 18 meeting, the state board authorized:

  • the State League President to commit, at her discretion, the LWVHI to join the Coalition to Protect Hawaii's Constitution's Bill of Rights.

  • adoption of the position opposing gambling as presented by Sue Dursin, Chair of the gambling study, with two amendments. one to clarify that "social gambling" is gambling in which the house does not take a cut, and one to amend the sentence to "The League recognizes that under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, if the State were to approve any form of gambling it would open up Hawaii to Native American or Hawaiian Sovereignty casinos."

  • The President to decide, in conjunction with the Executive Board, whether the League should join a coalition opposing gambling.

  • addition of "direct" to "indirect" public financing for election campaigns to the state position on campaign financing, all local leagues having concurred.

  • joining the CLEAN coalition (Clean Money, Clean Elections Alliance) working for campaign finance reform.

  • A membership fund drive to be conducted before a corporate drive, with members asked to give more because of the expected extra need for the Con Con campaign.

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