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Education Committee Report

The League flier on Charter Schools is out and is being distributed to libraries, schools, and at meetings where interested parents might be "fliered." Andie Harris and Marion Saunders welcomed the Democrats to their recent community meeting with copies of the flier. We await a Republican get together to do the same. All legislators have been given a copy.

If you know of any meetings, such as the Literacy conference coming up, where it would be appropriate to hand out our fliers, we hope you will plan to cover for us.

Meanwhile, we are continuing our interest in schools that want to be either a School Within-aSchool or a Charter School. Mary Anne Raywid and Marion Saunders spent three days on Kauai observing in Kapa'a Elementary's minischools. It was a fascinating experience.

We believe the time is ripe for some movement in reform of Hawai'i's schools. One suggestion has been floated for a `charter complex" which would be all schools feeding into a high school - elementary and intermediate. This would be a logical and very challenging development. If you hear any rumors toward charters - let us know!!

Next meeting will be: Monday, Nov. 24, 4:00 PM 3596 Woodlawn Drive

(Days in the middle of the week seem too crowded for meetings, thus Monday)

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