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In the News

KHPR Public Radio, "Price of Paradise"

LWVHI legislative co-chair Arlene Ellis was a featured guest on radio talk show host Randall Roth's recent program on campaign spending reform. Ellis expressed the league's support of partial public financing of campaigns and voluntary spending limits. One option discussed was the suggestion that the campaign spending commission negotiate and offer discounts on perhaps radio and television spots or even bulk mail as an incentive for those who agree to voluntary spending limits.

Honolulu Advertiser

"Governmental Watchdogs" featured information on seven groups whose missions involve in some way the monitoring of government activities. Organizations featured were the Campaign Spending Commission (Bob Watada, Executive Director), Office of Information Practices (Moya Davenport Gray, Director), League of Women Voters (Jackie Kido,

President), Common Cause (Desmond Byrne, Chairman), State Ombudsman (Yew Lew), State Auditor (Marion Higa) and the State Ethics Commission (Dan Mollway, Executive Director).

The league's criticism of Governor Cayetano's return to the general fund of $62,000 appropriated for rebroadcast equipment that would have allowed neighbor islands to view state legislative sessions was front-page news in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The league stated that "to jettison the inclusion of citizens in the democratic process for such an insignificant amount of money leaves people frustrated and unable to affect change at the state level."

National Voter

For the second time in the past year, the league in Hawai`i was featured in the national news ... the first time was league leaders on the young side (including the youngest state president in the country, our own Jackie Kido) sharing views on attracting young members ... this past month the League of Women Voters of Kauai was highlighted for their astonishing 120 percent increase in membership. Kauai membership chair Susan Wilson shared with leagues around the country her strategies for accomplishing the lofty goal of doubling membership in a single year.

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