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Local League News - Honolulu

Honolulu League's Planning and Zoning Committee has been very busy as usual. League testified against building a federal prison at the Fort Armstrong site on Honolulu waterfront. We have a representative on the mayor's committee planning for the Waikiki special district.

We are keeping an eye on the East Honolulu development process, the special consent decree procedure for that development that the city has approved to ward off litigation by Bishop Estate and several other East Honolulu land developers. At the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on February 26, Cheryl Soon, the city's chief planning officer, brought members up to date on the planning department's progress with the "Development Plan Revision Program" started in 1993 to reform the development plan and zoning process. Chair Astrid Monson spends much time discussing all these issues with other interested parties and groups, often going through voluminous materials.

The O'ahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) is now working on a transportation plan for O'ahu and we have a representative on the Citizen Advisory Committee for OMPO.

The Voter Service Committee chaired by Arlene Ellis is preparing for a new round of Ad Watch which began in the last election. We'll be focusing on the mayoral election, and considering covering the Honolulu prosecutor's election and the first district congressional election. We have had an overture from a radio station and may do an Ad Watch on radio ads as well. The committee is also exploring different ideas for a "Get Out the Vote" campaign.

By the time this paper goes to press, the Honolulu Con-Con Committee will have met to compile and discuss reports on the interviews and start work on its member information fact sheet.

In January, we taped four segments for an "O'ahu Speaks" special addressing current legislative issues. (See Legislative Report, pp. 3-4.)

Honolulu President Suzanne Meisenzahl, Arlene Ellis, and Jackie Parnell will be representing Honolulu League at the June national convention. Jean Aoki will be attending as a state league delegate. Plans are for us to fly to St. Louis and board League's "Victory Train" for Chicago.

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