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Education Update

The actions of the legislature have been mixed. All Board of Education bills to change from elected to various models of appointment have been held in committee. We testified against these.

S.B. 2380, one of several bills lowering the age of compulsory education from 18 to 16, has passed the Senate and gone to the House. This gives us another chance to speak against it.

Bills for open enrollment were held in committee, as were bills designating 30 percent of the innovative grant for Schools-within-Schools. We testified against open enrollment and in support of the 30 percent to SWS schools.

There will be no charter bill this session. While charter schools are flourishing in many other states, Hawaii is falling behind in this area.

League proposes now to focus on a fall (November, after the elections) conference on innovative practices here and elsewhere. We will be surveying the field this spring and perhaps enticing some collaborative participants.

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