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President's Message (Jacqueline Kido)
LWV-Hawaii Hired to Conduct Wiki-Wiki Voter Registration Drive
League to Conduct Exit Polling for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and AP
Honolulu League Contracted to Oversee Native Hawaiian Vote
Honolulu League Co-Sponsors "Candidates in Focus"
Big Island League Conducts Survey to Assess Community Concern
Contributions Appreciated
Kaua'i One of Ten in Nation to Host LHJ Town Meeting
Kaua'i League Compiles Video and Print Voter Guides
Kaua'i League Live Call-In Radio Program Big Success!
Vote! (Jacqueline Kido)
Con Con '98 -- No! (insert)

League Local News

League to Conduct Exit Polling for CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and AP

The League of Women Voters will be wiring in results on the hour for use by national media in this year's general election. Voter News Services, an organization providing services to all major national mass media, has contracted the League to conduct its extensive exit polling at selected sites throughout the state.

State President Jackie Kido said it will be a fundraising boost to the league, while offering leaguers a chance to watch history in the making.

"It's always kind of exciting to be the first to know election results, especially for those who have been so involved in watching the candidates and issues," said Kido. She said the League plans to run a top-notch, professional operation in hopes of making the exit polling a regular election year activity.

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