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Program Recommendations

The state board again discussed the resolution of Home Rule study. The adoption of this item in 1991 has not led to a smooth study-to-consensus process as is the usual route for league programs. The board concluded that, there being no chair nor further interest shown, the study item be deleted from the program agenda.

The board recommends the continuation of the entire Program and Action Program as found in the 19931995 P&A booklet. The Board urges that the newly elected board use the review process adopted nationally to regroup appropriate programs into relationships which will reflect action priorities.

A study of gambling was proposed by the Kona unit of the Big Island league; the board does not suggest adopting this study at this time. Although the topic is current statewide, the board feels that, in light of other considerations, our league needs to address those program items already on its agenda before starting additional new studies.

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