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League of Women Voters of Hawai'i Convention
LWVHI Program 93-95
Program Recommendations
LWVHI Proposed Bylaw Changes
Budget Considerations - LWVHI Proposed Budget 1995-1996
National Board Member
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President's Message (Jim Koshi)
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League Celebrates

Contributions Appreciated

Contributions from League members are always received with a special mahalo.

Elizabeth Adams
Pauline Bender
Belle Bernatowicz
Irene Coogan
Margaret Copi
Lois Evora
E. A. Grantham
Kate Haenisch
Jerry Hess
Folly Hofer
Ruth lams
Les Ihara, Jr.
Theresa Jaskot
K. D. Associates
Beryle Kocial
Anne Lee

Robin Loomis
Dorothy Lum
JoAnn Maruoka
David Matthews
Margaret McGurk
Shirley McLaren
Betty McMath
Lola Mench
Lorraine Muramoto
Susan Ray
Edna Shoup
Patricial Shutt
Suzanne Thorndike
Dorothy Turnbull
Cynthia Wenner
Carol Whitesell

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