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Budget Considerations

Readers will find two budgets proposed for 1995-1996. One reflects the changes to increase the state board and the other shows budget needs if no bylaw changes occur. Both are bare bones budgets.

Remember, budgets are just a guideline as to approximated expected income and expenditures and are subject to change. While some budget items are fixed costs, others depend upon the activities pursued in the com-ing year, and adjustments are made accordingly.

Having a person who resides on a Neighbor Island as president will mean additional travel and telephone expense. If local league presidents are added to the state board in addition to the already existing pattern of the state board makeup, it will also mean additional travel and council/convention expenses.

For instance, with no bylaw change, the travel for the board members to attend the five usual board meetings will be $1275 (budget#1), but if the local presidents are added, it will be $2125 (budget#2). Fares are estimated to be $85 round trip, although this can vary.

Monies available in the Education Fund can be used for Voter Service projects and on certain issue publications; however, application, including a budget for the project, must be made to and approved by the national Ed Fund before we can use the funds. The approval can be done by fax and is almost automatic, but should be done in advance so a little planning will be necessary.

League of Women Voters of Hawaii Proposed Budget 1995-1996

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