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Local League News

Hawai'i County, under the leadership of Susan Irvine who heads the observer team, sponsored three forums prior to the '94 elections. They celebrated their annual meeting at Waimea -- a midpoint on the Big Island. And, in October, a Forum on Education was cosponsored, with the Student Education Association, for Hilo voters.

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu conducted an AD Watch campaign in conjunction with Channel 9/KGMB. Arlene Kim Ellis and 10 to 15 members tried to separate fact from fiction as they evaluated ads for fairness, accuracy, and content during the fall political campaign period. As reported in Honolulu's Aloha Voter, the consensus was that too few ads contained anything of substance-they failed to reveal the candidate's views on issues, and what she or he would do about a particular problem when elected.

Additionally, members came to the support of the Candidate in Focus project of the public access system. ‘Olelo: the Corporation for Community Television offered all Oahu candidates the opportunity to use the cable's public views channel for a nine minute presentation before both primary and general elections. League members greeted candidates and helped them to fill out necessary cable forms and otherwise "smooth the jitters." League efforts covered 25 videotaping days and included 225 hours toward the production. Volunteers were reported as having "conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism," and were referred to as "the true volunteer success story" in the project's final report.

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