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Public Issues Channel Launched

'Olelo: The Corporation for Com-munity Television began its third channel devoted to public affairs and access to government on January 10, 1994. VIEWS will be seen over Oceanic Cable 24 and Chronicle Cable 21.

Combining city and state coverage with public issue programs the goal is to bring the democratic process into the home. Programs presented by the public, private institutions, and all sectors of government will permit cable viewers an opportunity to partake in the democratic process, acquire information, and share in thoughtful, informed discussion. These goals incorporate areas that keynote speaker, political scientist Dan Boylan, sees as the appropriate role for broadcast and cable television in this election year. In a quick review of the last election, Boylan stated that the public's entrance into the political discussion via television was a significant step towards enhancing the citizen's role in the democratic process.

League has played a role in this new channel's creation. For the last months LWV of Honolulu Vice-President Jean Aoki has served on `Olelo's Community Policy Advisory Committee which looked at the general population's television viewing habits with respect to public affairs programs and guided staff in the prescribing of the new channel. She even got to push the start button when the launch occurred!

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