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President's Message (Jim Koshi)
Council is Coming
Board Highlights
Campaign Spending (Patricia Card)
Members Appreciated
Citizens Jury Project
Firearms Control Coalition (Evelyn Bender)
Member Opportunity
Public Issues Channel Launched
Key Legislative Dates

Members Appreciated

The following are thanked for helping the League of Women Voters of Hawaii with their contributions:
Dale Bachman
Evelyn Bender
Mary Liz Carlmark
Elizabeth Connors
Irene Coogan
Dr. Margaret Copi
Elly Dalton
Eleanore H. Davis
Frances Delany, Ph.D.
Cira de Castillo
Rep. Julie R. Duldulao
Grace Furukawa
Laura Goo
Joan Hayes
Folly Hofer
Sherwood F.H. Greenwell
Bernice Hayashida
Mary H. King
Beryle E. Kocial
Jim Koshi
Rebecca B. Laing
Anne Lee
Ian Lind
Dee Lum
David E. Matthews
Chloris McCarter
Thelma McLachlan
Shiori (Shirley) McLaren
Marge Mulhall
Vladimir Ossipoff
Eleanor I. Pierce
Patsy S. Saiki
Adeline Schutz
Opal Sloane
Sue Thorndike
Marian L. Thorp
Catherine Z. Tignac
Ann Y. Todd
Jacqueline Vogt
Carol Whitesell
Jennie T. Yukimura

Leaguers who have not responded to the letter of request for contributions are encouraged to take this opportunity to help LWVHI complete its budget. Send your contribution to Jim Koshi at the Honolulu office: 49 S. Hotel St., room 314, Honolulu, HI 96813. Your support is vital to our ongoing administrative expenses, program support and voter service projects. Mahalo.

Note to our readers: With this issue, Leo Hana adopts a new style based upon the Chicago Manual of Style, long a guide for editors and publishers, particularly in the academic field.

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