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Board Highlights

The board met at the Honolulu office on December 18, 1993. President Jim Koshi reported that $1685.00 had been received as of that date through the League membership drive.

Home Rule chair Jana Chang stated that she has been unable to focus on the study; defining areas in which consensus can be reached still remains difficult. As an interim measure, it was suggested that "education only" may be the way to go. The board will discuss this further as part of the pre-Council program recommendation process. Input from local leagues will be valuable.

Irene Coogan, who had attended a LWVUS Health Care planning seminar, shared preliminary plans for a public education forum to be held on Saturday, April 9, 1994. Irene and study chair Elizabeth Adams will be working with the Health Care Committee to complete plans for the forum. Public relations help will be needed. The assistance of members who have these skills and who are willing to contribute their time and effort to make the event a success will be greatly appreciated.

Sue Thorndike, who worked on the membership drive, will serve as government liaison for bills presented to the legislature this session.

Firearms and reproductive rights are being monitored by Evelyn Bender who anticipates action in both areas again this coming session.

Education update was presented by Libby Oshiyama. The committee's focus has remained on the choice portion of League's school positions. Activity during 1992 concentrated on public education and legislative education and action. Legislators on the education committees were sent Dr. Mary Anne Raywid's publication FASTBACK. Raywid was interviewed by the morning paper when she was in the islands.

Several schools-within-schools are in place in Kapa'a, Kaua'i, with more planned on Kaua'i. Interest in schools of choice has grown; the League produced video "Why Do These Kids Love School" may have been influential.

A July 1993 education forum, "Can We Reform Our High Schools?" was co-sponsored by League in addition to other committee activities. President Koshi will be calling an overall education committee meeting and welcomes new members.

The Campaign Spending Commission is monitored by Patricia Card. Her article is elsewhere in this issue.

Vice-President Cira DeCastillo reported on a November meeting held on Kaua'i. Cira had worked with past state president Anne Lee to prepare for an orientation meeting. Invitations were sent to 90 interested citizens and 13 people attended in an attempt to consider the options for League growth on the island. League training packets were distributed to attendees. The packets included a pop quiz as one technique used to focus on program planning and voter service.

Honolulu President Arlene Kim Ellis asked the state league to handle the Credit Union One elections and asked for state support as Honolulu moves forward to organize a Citizens Jury project. This concept has been developed by the League of Women Voters of Minnesota and is designed to involve average citizens in public policy decisions. The league in Pennsylvania has also used this citizen education technique and it should prove to be valuable for the citizens of Hawai'i as well. We look forward to learning more details as the Honolulu project develops.

A proposal for LWVHI use of television was introduced at the December 18 meeting and was discussed again at the Saturday, January 15 board meeting.

How government works is the focus of the television proposal presented to the board by Andy Jacobs, an independent video producer. Noting that the League is respected for its work on behalf of good government, Jacobs visualizes a series of programs which would permit issues to be discussed sufficiently to attract viewers, enlist cooperation of government officials, and gain financial support for ongoing programming. The board is studying Jacobs' proposal. The potential is great. Members who might like to move along on this "Of the People" project, if the board agrees to go ahead with the concept, should call Jim Koshi at 946-0092. Copies of the proposal are available.

Irene Coogan spoke of the details of the Health Care Forum to be held April 9. Leaguers with public relations skills are needed. This educational forum is underwritten in part by the Kaiser Family Foundation, an entity separate from the more familiar local institution, Kaiser Permanente. Details on the event are elsewhere in this issue.

"Viewpoints" which have been a part of League's outreach for so many years may be discontinued due to station purchase of KHVH.

We will continue to take advantage of the opportunity to reach the public as long as possible and thank the management for extending this service.

Local leagues will receive official materials in preparation for Council scheduled May 14 or 15. State's Program and Action should be reviewed to respond regarding suggestions for change in programs. A possibility of holding the meeting on the Big Island was discussed; a final decision will be made at the March 19 meeting.

Board members will be following legislative bills pertaining to study committees. Sue Thorndike, as legislative coordinator, will put pertinent bills in Box 13 of the Access Room which is on the 2nd floor of the State Office Tower. Sue's office is Room 504 in the Hemmeter Center. Her telephone number is 586-6995.

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