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President's Message

As I sit down to write my first report as the President of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii, I feel very honored to be in this position of such an honored and respected organization. However, I feel the sense of trepidation with which I accepted this position. To those of you who have put your trust in me, I thank you very much, but immediately, I turn to you and ask you for your support and help.

I am very grateful that you elected Board members who are so well qualified and eager to develop an effective program. I am optimistic that we will be able to contribute much to our society.

I see that there is much to be done. The magnitude of what should be done or needs to be done is enormous. The question really is: What can we do? What we can accomplish will depend on you, the members. We need your input and help.

At this point, among the many issues and problems that we could be involved in, I will highlight education and voter service.

Education is fundamental to everything that goes on in our society. Therefore, education must be our number one concern. However, Hawaii's education system is faced with many problems. Help is needed. Since I am dedicated to quality education and community service, Board members have chosen me to be the chair of our Education Committee. Board members Cira DeCastillo, Patricia Card, and Jana Chang have volunteered to serve on the Committee. We welcome all who are interested in education to join us.

With election year just ahead of us, we need to plan and get involved. We should help get more people registered to vote; then, we need to help get them out to vote. We need to help voters know their candidates. Please call us with your ideas and help.

National Council. As your President, I attended the National Council of the League of Women Voters of the United States which met in Washington, D.C., June 5-8. Other delegates from Hawaii were Arlene Kim Ellis and Marion Saunders. About 200 Leaguers from around the nation and the Virgin Islands attended.

Keynote speaker LWVUS President Becky Cain said that the President of the United States cited the League of Women Voters as a fighter for freedom. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala spoke to delegates about health care reform, promising more research into women's health problems, universal access to health care, and increased emphasis on prevention.

The Council was invited to the Rose Garden, the first White House reception for the League in 12 years. Both the President and Mrs. Clinton spoke warmly of the League's work on the motor voter bill and on health care reform.

A day was set aside as the "Day on the Hill" when all the delegates had an opportunity to visit with their senators and representatives. Unfortunately, members of Hawaii's congressional delegation were not available. We visited with their staff and aides, however.

I attended many workshops and discussions dealing with various issues of everyday problems associated with operation of the League. They were interesting and helpful.

National Council was a wonderful opportunity to meet the national leaders of LWVUS and of the other state Leagues. It was enjoyable and inspiring to talk with others about issues as well as pleasantries. I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend National Council and thank the State Board for the opportunity.

On behalf of the whole Board, I express our appreciation to serve and solicit your active support. You may call me at 946-0092.

Jim Koshi

* Editor's note: Jim serves as Vice Chair of the City's Neighborhood Commission, 1st V.P. of the Ala Wai School PTA, Co-chair of the Ala Wai School SCBM Council, President of the Washington Intermediate School Ohana, 3d. V.P. of McKinley High School's PTSA, Secretary of the Board of the Moiliili Community Center, and member of the Board of the Friends of the Library. We are pleased that League has "captured" his interest and skills.

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