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Board Highlights

The new Board met on August 28th in the League office. President Jim Koshi asked members to introduce themselves and it quickly became clear that the state's leaders are a multi-talented group. Note their mini-bios found on page 2 of this issue.

Koshi reported his reflections in attending LWV's National Council. He enjoyed meeting the other delegates (he was the only male attending) and looked upon the visit to the Rose Garden as the highlight of the council experience.

Jana Chang continues to wrestle with the Home Rule study. Convention delegates voted to extend the study and Jana welcomes members to help complete the task. Betty Adams, as chair of the health care committee, reminded Board members that the national position had been received; she now sees state's role as one of interpreting the issues in addition to any action needed.

Koshi emphasized his earlier concern regarding education and its importance to all that happens in the community and state. He asked that all League members who have a concern regarding education join in helping push this subject into focus using our State League positions: broadly stated positions-and those specific to schools of choice.

Cira DeCastillo urged the Board to follow its mandate to help the neighbor island Leagues and received that support. She will be compiling training materials for use when the site visit occurs. Sue Thorndike will follow up on the corporate drive efforts in her role as fundraising coordinator and Patricia Card will accept the challenge of Convention speaker Ian Lind to start the monitoring process of the Campaign Spending Commission.

The next meeting of the Board will be on December 4, 1993 in the League office. All members are welcome.

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