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President's Message (Evelyn Bender)
Access to Legislative Information
There is No Excuse for Inaction
Leasehold Consensus
Reflections on Home Rule (Jana Chang)
75th Anniversary
Help the Kauai League
Bylaw Changes Proposed
League on the Light Side
Corporate America Turns on to the Environment
Critic Confuses Function of League of Women Voters
Neighbor Island News - Hawaii County (Dorothy Doudna)
Contributions are Appreciated

Contributions are Appreciated

We say mahalo to the following members who have helped the State League meet its budget needs.

Thelma McLachlan
Marian and George Wilkins
Grace Furukawa
Irene Coogan
Robin Loomis
Dona Singlehurst
Vladimir Ossipoff
Alice Kiewit
Marge Mulhall
Lois Home
Arien Grabbe
Anne Lee
Marion Thorp
Diane Hasten
Sherrie Rubeyiat
Cathrine Tignac
Barbara Robeson
Eleanor Dalton
Folly Hofer
Jennie Yukimura
Pat Shutt
Bert Kobayashi
Dee Lum
Jerry Hess
Clara Ahn
Ruth Miho
Suzanne Meisenzahl
Judith Stitley
Edna Shoup
Adeline Schutz
Mary Liz Carlmark
James Koshi
Mary and Harvey King
George Ono
Fay Hill
Walter Chotzen
Donald Johnson
Evelyn Bender
Opal Sloane
Pat Duefrene
Ann Todd
Sumiye Konoshima
Carol and Craig Whitesell

To the following members of the corporate community, we say a special thank you.

Pacific Business News
Times Supermarket
Island Insurance Co.
Trans Hawaiian Services
Bank of Hawaii
Pacific Guardian Life Insurance Co.

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