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President's Message (Evelyn Bender)
Health Care Study - Phase 2
Board of Directors Meeting
Members of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition
Report from the National Convention (Evelyn Bender)
LWVHI Extends its Appreciation for Contributions
1992 Legislative Session (Evelyn Bender)
State Council 1992
Historical Perspectives of Home Rule in Hawaii (Frank F. Fasi)
75th Anniversary
Important Dates for 1992-93
Leasehold Questions
League on the Light Side

Board of Directors Meeting

At its August 29, 1992 meeting, the Board heard the report of the President which included convention and legislative action.- see reports elsewhere in this issue.

Members reviewed the calendar for the year and noted that both membership and corporate drives will be done this fall. The nominating committee will begin meeting this fall, too, under the leadership of Anne Lee. Call Anne with your offer to serve and suggestions of other members who might be willing to provide leadership for a two year period. Environmental issues have been somewhat neglected of late; it is one of several areas where people with specific interest can help.

State convention will be held in May 1993 starting at noon on Saturday, May 15. A banquet that evening will end the first session; meetings will resume Sunday morning with Convention ending at noon. Details will be sent to local leagues early '93 and be featured in the Leo Hana.

LWVHI will address ballot issues for the upcoming primary and general elections. Midweek will feature Board of Education candidates in time for the general election; League members who would like to work on this project can call Evelyn Bender at 737-2524 or reach her through the Honolulu office - 531-7448.

Cable Channel 22 - the public access channel - has offered each candidate on Oahu the opportunity to tape a segment presenting their views. Shown two weeks prior to the primary, the same format will be repeated before the general election with candidates able to re-tape a new message or air the original one. LWV of Honolulu has helped in this effort.

LWVHI continues to present its message through Viewpoint on KHVH radio and Commentary on KHPR. Members who would like to write and/or read the messages are encouraged to step forward. Call E. Bender.

The State Ethics Commission will celebrate its 25th year of activity. As League was foremost in the creation of the Commission, it will be involved with the celebration. Step forward with your interest.

A chair is needed for League's 75th anniversary celebration. See notes elsewhere.

The Board reviewed its policy regarding candidates and League leadership positions. Read the post-board report for details.

The next board meeting will be on November 14,1992 in the League office.

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