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President's Message (Evelyn Bender)
Health Care Study - Phase 2
Board of Directors Meeting
Members of the Hawaii Firearms Coalition
Report from the National Convention (Evelyn Bender)
LWVHI Extends its Appreciation for Contributions
1992 Legislative Session (Evelyn Bender)
State Council 1992
Historical Perspectives of Home Rule in Hawaii (Frank F. Fasi)
75th Anniversary
Important Dates for 1992-93
Leasehold Questions
League on the Light Side

75th Anniversary

March 24, 1919 Carrie Chapman Catt proposed the formation of a "league of women voters to 'finish the fight' and to aid in the reconstruction of the nation." In May of that year, The House of Representatives passed the 19th Amendment; The Senate passed the amendment, with two votes to spare, 40 years after its first introduction in Congress.

These are just of few of the dates which reflect the history of the League of Women Voters. Be a part of the celebration. Call Evelyn Bender to sign up for the anniversary committee!

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