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Education Video Available

LWV of Honolulu has purchased 50 copies of a VHS video entitled Why Do These Kids Love School? These videos are available for loan by members and local leagues and will be distributed to elementary schools on Oahu. Distribution is being organized; this is a gift to schools that want to innovate and connect with ideas that are successful in schools on the mainland.

Produced by Dorothy Fadiman, the documentary begins with an extensive look of Peninsula School in California and then shows shorter segments from schools in Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York and additional schools in California.

Common elements of all these schools are: That learning is an active process; the school is a supportive community, and the goal of each is to have students enjoy learning, feel competent as learners, and feel good about themselves as individuals.

Call the Honolulu office-531-7448-to find out how you can "take" the scene-by-scene tour.

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