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Focusing on LWVUS

League's Report from the Hill notes a increase in interest on Capitol Hill and at the White House in reform of the U.S. health care system. The article closes the analysis by stating "Without breakthrough agreements, the likelihood that comprehensive health reform legislation will be enacted in 1992 is uncertain." This means that League's study will be on time to permit contributions to the legislative process involving issues covered in the study. Read future issues of The National Voter to keep abreast of this subject.

The National Voter Registration Act, remains hostage to procedural games despite attention given the subject by some presidential candidates. League continues to lead an all-out effort to pass S 250 and to that end has worked with a coalition to encourage Senate leaders to schedule a cloture vote when all the bill's supporters are present.

The possibility of pro-choice legislation passing Congress remains uncertain if an expected revocation of Roe v. Wade occurs. Although House leaders are expected to move ahead on "Freedom of Choice" legislation, it is uncertain that the Senate will follow suit.

League continues to support legislation meeting position goals related to recycling and solid and hazardous waste. Packaging efficiency standards; government procurement rules for recycled materials; and environmental labeling standards are some of the areas included in legislation.

Campaign Finance bills continue to be contentious. The House passed HR 3750 which League supported; the bill features an optional campaign spending limit of $600,000 for House races, with candidates who agree to the limit benefiting from cut-rate postage and up to $200,000 in public funds to match the first $200 of each individual contribution. The bill sets a $200,000 cap on political action committee (PAC) contributions and another $200,000 cap on individual contributions over $200. The Senate bill mirrors the House bill in many ways but includes an all-out ban on PACs.

Action Alert

S 250, The National Voter Registration Act needs League member action - assure Senators Inouye and Akaka that you want their support of this legislation.

Campaign Finance action calls for letting Congress members Mink and Abercrombie know that their support for strong public funding and/or benefits provisions and partial public financing of congressional campaigns is a necessary and cost effective investment in the future of our democracy.

Convention '92

Boston is the site of the next LWVUS convention. Delegates and guests are invited to attend the Saturday, June 13, 1992 Evening Buffet Reception at the JFK Library. If you are attending the meetings and would like to join the reception send a check for $40.00 to Murray Cooper, Treasurer, 238 Maple Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132.

All day Saturday and Sunday morning delegates have the opportunity to attend the Leadership Institute designed to enhance personal skills for both organizational and professional use. The four areas are: Management, Finance, Communications and Marketing. Registration is due May 11th; the fee is $45.00. Contact Evelyn Bender for registrations forms.

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