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Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

National/World Security:

The League of Women Voters of the U. S. gives priority to reducing the risk of war through support of arms control measures, and over the past several years has focused on stopping the Strategic Defense Initiative missile defense plan as contrary to the purpose and provisions of the 1972 U.S. - Soviet ABM Treaty. SDI is an extremely costly and destabilizing program that undermines the essence of arms control.

Since the original 1983 vision, limits of science and funding have led to program goals that are clouded and controversial, and strengthen rather than replace deterrence. Even if SDI were feasible, research giving way to developing and testing of technologies abandons the ABM Treaty, says the LWVUS. ,

SDI now threatens to invade Kaua'i for 10 years of test-launching missiles to Kwajalein, which the Army proposed to begin in April. The "STARS" program is Kaua'i's hottest grassroots issue since Nukoli'i! League co-sponsored October talks by retired General Bowman which generated over 1000 letters to Washington.

Local Archeological & Environmental Concerns:

U.S. Senator Akaka and U.S. Representative Mink have introduced legislation to require an EIS for STARS on Kaua'i. Rep. Abercrombie, on the House Armed Services Committee, is expected to try for fast action on the House bill.

Senator Inouye has asked the SDI command for: 1.) more study on transporting fuels on civilian highways, 2.) proof that delay from an EIS produces a problem, and 3.) reasons why tests for Wake Island would not serve as well as Kaua'i. I've seen no reports of response.

The State and Sierra Club complaints to require an EIS are moving ahead.

Local Health & Safety Concerns:

The State suit includes some health and safety concerns regarding SDI. The County Council is considering a ban on transporting toxic fuels on our highway from Lihu'e to Barking Sands.

Military Budget/Appropriations:

SDI funding was cut in the FY 91 budget adopted; is STARS affected? Senator Inouye, of the Appropriations Committee, has not responded. The FY 92 Defense budget is due at the Capitol next week.

You can help! There is still time to stop the tests!

If you care about the local environment, health & safety, or if you care about the national/world environment, health and safety, Representative Mink urges you to voice concerns to the President, the Secretary of the Army and to Congressional delegates.

And while you are at it, this League work to "limit reliance on military force in international relations" extends to the Gulf Crisis. Speak up to Congress on that too!

Debbie Kimball

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