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Programs Offered

At its March meeting, the State Board reviewed current program and action and proposals for new studies which had come from local leagues. The following are the Board's recommendations:

  1. Retain current Program and Action

  2. Propose for consideration two new studies

  3. Not recommend - a proposal for a study of the financial right of principal child care provider/ homemaker spouse in cases of divorce or death of principal wage earner.

The proposed new studies are: 1.) A study of leasehold reform as related to condominiums and cooperatives, and 2.) A study of home rule in Hawaii.

These studies were proposed by the League of Women Voters of Honolulu. That league will speak to the proposals at the plenary sessions. It should be noted that the budget does not reflect costs related to the addition of one or two new study items. See details below for further information on program adoption. Note also that copies of the Program and Action will be available at Convention time. Contact your local league for a copy of P&A on file.

Program for the League of Women Voters of Hawaii consists of action 1.) to implement governmental Principles which are adopted at national convention and 2.) those state governmental issues chosen for concerted study and action.

Criteria for choosing program includes the following:

  • Is legislative action essential? Does the issue fall within LWV principles?

  • Is the timing right or will the issue be resolved before the study is complete?

  • Is the position (of already adopted positions) current and adequate?

  • Will League's involvement be effective and make a difference?

  • Will the study and ultimate action enhance LWV credibility?

  • Will it help attract new members?

  • Are there sufficient personnel with adequate time to do the study?

  • Can the study be financed? Could it generate other funds for League?

These are the program planning steps:

  1. Local League boards made suggestions for state program to the state board in February.

  2. The state board considered the recommendations and presented their recommended program to the local Leagues in March.

  3. At Convention, a majority vote of those present and voting shall be required for adoption of subjects in the proposed program as presented to the convention by the state board.

  4. Any suggestions for state program submitted to the state board at least 3 months before convention, but not recommended by the state board, may be adopted by the convention provided that a.) the convention shall order consideration by majority vote; b.) the vote on the proposed change shall not be taken at the same session as the order for consideration; and c.) the convention adopts the change by a three-fifths vote.

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