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Board Highlights

Meeting on March 16th, the Board received the Nominating Committee report, approved a proposed addition to the bylaws, reviewed local league suggestions on possible new studies and budget committee proposals. The Board noted that program and budget go hand-inhand; accepting new studies, as well as continuing current positions, will require monetary resources. (Note that in the accompanying budget there is no allowance made to cover cost of adopting the proposed studies.) The issue of rental costs was dealt with, in part, by budget discussions and proposals. See details elsewhere of these items along with convention plans.

Convention delegates will receive full information in their convention packets. Included also will be and updated version of LWVHI Program & Action.. Program & Action will be available for other convention participants at a nominal cost; also available will be the recently published LWVUS Impacts and Issues for $5.00.

"The Delivery and Financing of Health Care in the United States" is the official title of the new LWVUS study chaired at the State level by Earle Fedje. Fedje led the Board in a look at health care issues and discussants in Hawaii. Key speakers will be invited to the Sunday morning session to share an overview of their organization and how it will fit into the health care proposals being discussed in the state and nationwide.

Legislative Chair, Evelyn Bender, reported that the access program begun this year will continue even when the capitol offices are moved to their temporary location. She noted that improvements to the program have been made as it has been used. The access room number is 548-1734.

Bender also reported on the status of waiver, fire arms, vacancy, initiative and campaign spending legislation. All these issues have been testified to during this session and will continued to be part of League's action program.

Debbie Kimball spoke of her action on SDI and electromagnetic concerns, using national positions, and on statewide initiative (done with LWVHI approval).

The Board received a report done by member Anne Lee who had served as a Board Liaison to the Kauai League. That league, as so many others throughout the country, is having difficulty finding leadership. Lee concluded that those who volunteered in response to community concern about League's viability will need to understand that there is work to be done. The State Board knows this, too, and will devote their first meeting following convention to consideration of Lee's recommendations.

Sandra Duckworth will be organizing LWVUS interviews with our Congressional representatives. These are done every two years and like those done at state and local levels is a chance to personally meet elected officials in a setting of communication.

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