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Small Landowners' Perspective on Leasehold (James K. Mee)
Legislature and the Elusive Leasehold Issue - 1991 (Virginia Isbell)
Talk to LWVHI on Nov. 5, 1991 by Oswald Stender (Irene Coogan)
Mandatory Conversion Could Benefit Lessors (Joan Hayes)

Update on Educational Revitalization

Two projects that the League's Education Committee has been working with are on the way to becoming models of planning for change.

Honaunau School in Kona has a School-within-a-School at the middle grade level, the product of intensive planning by teachers, parents, and principal over a year and a half period. With an environmental theme, it is built on Honaunau's strong community involvement. Honaunau made a presentation at the Middle School Conference in Honolulu, with input from both teachers and parents. Diane Keffer, parent, demonstrated the vital role parents can play in the functioning of new schools. The League's 1989 Ed Fund Project made possible Dr. Mary Anne Raywid to be a continuing consultant in this innovation.

Kapa'a Elementary School has three Schools-within-a School, two beginning this year. EXPLORE includes grades 1-4 focused on science and health, through hands-on experiential learning. SMILE is a school focused on integrated learning with a communications emphasis. Dr. Raywid is a continuing resource to these two schools. Kapa'a's Hawaiian immersion program has been in progress for three years, with students K-2.

At the invitation of the Committee, Senator Mike McCartney, chair of the Senator Education Committee, met to discuss legislative options for educational change. There was good interaction and the Senator expressed the desire to continue the dialogue.

The League's Education Committee is a resource to schools on Oahu who want to implement change that will affect student learning as early as possible. We continue as a resource on current reports of positive development in school reform. We will be working to make the film Why Do These Kids Love School? useful to elementary and intermediate schools. And we are observing the Task Force on Governance.

Libby Oshiyama
Marion Saunders

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