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Small Landowners' Perspective on Leasehold (James K. Mee)
Legislature and the Elusive Leasehold Issue - 1991 (Virginia Isbell)
Talk to LWVHI on Nov. 5, 1991 by Oswald Stender (Irene Coogan)
Mandatory Conversion Could Benefit Lessors (Joan Hayes)

Time for Action - League Supports Campaign Finance Gejdenson Proposal

The League of Women Voters of the United States has issued a press release outlining its support of a new House campaign finance reform idea presented by Rep. Sam Gjedenson (D CT) who chaired the Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform.

The idea is viewed as "a significant first step" with a system of public financing, spending limits and curbs on PAC contributions that will address the inequities of the current system.

"The Gejdenson proposal goes a long way towards creating an even playing field, " said Susan S. Lederman, LWV President. The League has argued that the current climate for term limitations is actually an indication of voter discontent with a system that discourages serious challenges to incumbents and that places undue emphasis on special interests. "Take back the System," the League's election year program to re-empower voters, targets campaign finance reform as crucial to greater participation in elections.

The Oregon Voter editor outlined some of the reasons that citizens are not expressing their choices through the ballot. These include: Citizens' perception of public officials is poor; A growing gap between the public and officials has made politicians appear aloof and unresponsive; and Institutions are not keeping pace with needs (what can replace the precinct and personal contact between candidates and voters?)

Editor, Luana Luther, suggests several "approaches the League could take to restore the voter's confidence and involvement in the political process and thus put the democratic system back into the hand of the people": Smaller districts, Revitalization of local political organizations and Shortening of the campaign season.

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