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President's Message - Don't Let it Happen Here (Evelyn Bender)
Board Highlights
Members Appreciated
Leasehold in Hawaii
Update on Educational Revitalization (Libby Oshiyama & Marion Saunders)
Time for Action - League Supports Gejdenson Proposal
State Council
Health Care Consensus
National Convention
Urgent: Leasehold Conversion and Lease rent cap Legislation Needed (Richard Port)
Mandatory Conversion Laws Covering Leasehold Projects (Bruce C. Dinman)
Small Landowners' Perspective on Leasehold (James K. Mee)
Legislature and the Elusive Leasehold Issue - 1991 (Virginia Isbell)
Talk to LWVHI on Nov. 5, 1991 by Oswald Stender (Irene Coogan)
Mandatory Conversion Could Benefit Lessors (Joan Hayes)

Board Highlights

Evelyn Bender presided over the November 18, 1991 board meeting in the League office. As usual finances were a lead topic. LWVHI is solvent but must watch expenses closely; future council and convention sites will have to be modest to keep overall costs and charges to attendees down. The good news is that the membership support drive has met the goal set. See the listing of member contributors elsewhere in this newsletter.

Vice-President, Romayne Karl, is heading the corporate drive effort. Two hundred letters are being prepared. This coupled with an upcoming vote counting opportunity should help pay rent and other expenses for this fiscal year. State will assume some of the vote counts now being handled by LWV of Honolulu. A training session will be held to get members acquainted with the process. Interested members are welcome; call Evelyn at 737-2524.

Jerry Hess is serving as budget chair. The budget proposal will be sent to Local Leagues four months prior to council. Local Leagues are providing input for the financial committee by sharing reviews of their financial plans and results.

Monies have been received from the Watumull Foundation for use through the education fund for League's two new studies: Leasehold and Homerule. Received also were monies from A&B and Servco; a portion has been designated for the health care study.

Two League events are coming. May is LWVHI council; June is LWVUS convention. Participation through Local Leagues is encouraged. See details elsewhere in this newsletter.

Changes at the national level for handling education fund requests and difficulties maintaining leadership of the state ed fund prompted soul searching, discussion amongst the state board and the ed fund board. At its last meeting the board of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund voted to dissolve as of the end of the fiscal year - April 30, 1992. The tax deductible process will be available for Leaguers and community contributors for use by directing funds to the LWV Education Fund at our office. Forthcoming contributions will be sent to national and designated for LWVHI projects. Monies held in the account as of 4/30/ 92 will be sent to the LWVUS Ed Fund so current monies will be available for qualifying projects.

Irene Coogan, chair of the leasehold study, reports that the committee has had many interesting speakers and they are reviewing materials now in preparation for a Pull `N Save information sheet prior to March discussion meetings. Please save materials in this newsletter for that discussion.

Jana Chang has begun reading on homerule. She will welcome a call from members who would like to join that study committee. Reach her at 946-6696 evenings.

The state board will lead the discussion on the health care consensus questions. Members are reminded to reread their spring and fall National Voters in addition to their local Voters and any other informative materials on this timely subject. Mark your calendar for January 25, 1992.

Donna Bebber was in charge of the Bill of Rights project seen by many of you on television and heard over radio during the fall.

League is a member of the. Hawaii Coalition for Firearms Control which meets every two weeks to continue its community education and safety precaution efforts and to work for control of assault weapons.

Women's issues, legislative vacancies, and access are just some of LWVHI's activities. Members are encouraged to take part. Leaguers are also urged to become part of the lobbying corps or help lead workshops on how the legislature works before community groups. Contact Romayne Karl at 262-1378 to become a part of these activities.

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