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Report from the Hill

Child care, Clean Air, Voter Registration, Arms Control and Campaign Finance Reform are five long time national issues for which League has worked.

As child care legislation moves through Congress, League stresses the issue: not whether the nation can afford to help low-income families and children, but whether it can afford not to!

Reauthorization to the Clean Air Act promises to curb acid rain, cut down on urban smog and control toxic air pollution. Much negotiation has occurred as legislation has made its way through Congress yet the final bill will face a possible White House veto. Citizens are ready for controls and Congress has gotten the message; it is time for the administration to support a strong, comprehensive clean air bill.

League's top "Advocate for the Voter" priority - voter registration reform - is an issue whose time has come. With low voter turnout a major national problem, pressure on Congress to eliminate registration barriers is intensifying. See our legislative notes for Hawaii's role in the "motor-voter" arena.

SDI and the MX missile programs have many supporters. League is not one of them. LWVUS asks that you urge your congressional members to slash defense spending.

"People are cynical because members appear to be more interested in courting wealthy donors and special interest groups than in representing their constituents," said Nancy M. Neuman, immediate past president of LWVUS. League is urging Congress to approve a radical overhaul of cam-paign finance rules. Although the parties seem to recognize the need for reform, the houses of Congress are not moving on the issue as rapidly as League would like.

Write your members of Congress and let them know where you stand on the issues. League Action Line will provide you with up-to-the minute news; call (29) 296-0218.

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